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Mashallah Allah Swt gave me and my wife the opportunity of a life time to perform Hajj in 2018. Our experience with Lala Malik Group was amazing. Every single thing was spot on. Waseem and Nadeems visibility was absolutely amazing for any questions or concerns at all times. They were constantly asking how things were to everyone. The service in the hotels were amazing and so was the food 3 times a day. The ziyarats had commentary in 3 languages and coaches were on time and efficient. There was always notices to see daily for any events for the following days. Aunty (waseems and nadeems mum) was a great help too my wife really was comforted by her experience. We was explained everything in lectures in Nottingham and Saudi Arabia and the scholars were always there for any questions. Waseem and Nadeem mashallah done a fab job and i will highly recommend them to anybody in future. This was an experience of a lifetime which we learnt alot and experienced alot. May Allah swt give the group ajjar for all their hard work! Thank you again! Usman Sethi, Hajj 2018
Overall experience with Lala Mailk was very well managed. They kept us informed about the change in flights and they were very upright about the information. Its a family run business they take care of the people who go to hajj with them and they themselves are always available in UK and KSA. Mina & Arafat facilities were very good, food was great as well. We went with them as quad-share hotel rooms in Mecca and Madina, next time InshaAllah will try dual share. Bus and transport arrangement was also good. So highly recommended!!! Habib Rehman, Hajj 2018
Recently had Umrah with Lala Abdul Malik Khadam Al Hajjaj..Excellent experiened with them ..very friendly and supportive ..definitely recommend them Ambreen Zahra, Umrah 2018
We have just returned from Hajj AlhamduLILLAH. It’s been a wonderful and amazing experience, a big Thank you to Nadeem & Wassim & their brilliant management. We will definitely recommend them strongly because they look after each person individually and are always very helpful. A big Thank you from me & my wife. Jazzak ALLAH & May ALLAH Bless you for your khidmat to the Hujjaj, Ameen. Dr Mehmood Hafeez Nottingham Mehmood Hafeez, Hajj 2018
Lala Abdul Malik Khadam is an excellent group to travel with for all your hajj trips as they provide you with a lot of support and they go that one step extra to keep all their hajj's together and look after them and provide them with all their needs from travelling needs to food and have great scholars to provide advice and knowledge on the correct procedures to perform your Islamic duties whilst travelling abroad to a country where you may not have much knowledge and skills required to perform your hajj. 10 out 10. Mohammed Sahail Akbar, Hajj 2018
Family run group made the whole experience personal the hotels were really convienent and food lovely, access to all facilities required, both Nadeem and Waseem were really informative and chearful throughout the struggles of the Haj journey, they did not loose patients kept up with us ensuring we all got the best of our Haj journey, their mum was always available for any questions and guidance, a very humble and blessed family to carry on from their father, our whole journeyfulfilled our needs and i would choose them again everytime and recomend them to everyone plus having Mohammad Aslam the schollar also on our group was a plus, an additional plus was nadeem and waseem being so tall so we never lost site of the group yellow flag, only things that went wrong were things that were out of the groups leaders hands and the group leaders tried their hardest to sort out, thank you ? Shahida Raza, Hajj 2018
Great people to go with. Hotels were very close. Good guide. Very good food. Transfers on time. Scholars urdu and English. Everything was perfect. We are very happy with services provided Tariq Chaudary, Umrah 2018
First Umrah with the guys at Lala Malik (Waseem and Nadeem) The service has been excellent and value for money for trip. I would recommend to all. Alhamdulillah by grace of ALLAH SWT we completed Our umrah with Lala Abdul Malik group. It was a wonderful experience, Both hotels in Makkah and Madinah were ideally located to waking distance. My kids really enjoyed the experience I would 100% recommend you travel with Lala Abdul Malik Group May Allah swt bless bai jaan Waseem and Nadeem and their families Waqar Ahmed, Umrah 2018
Alhamdolillah we completed our hajj with Lala Malik group this year, it was such an amazing journey and I must say brother Wassim and Nadeem have been so amazing and have always been there for everyone, they helped everyone throughout the 4 weeks and made us feel very comfortable ,our journey of hajj was made so easy because of their hard work and effort, May Allah reward you immensely Ameen Nayar Hayat, Hajj 2018
Alhamdulillah by grace of Almighty ALLAH we completed Hajj 2018 with Lala Abdul Malik group. It was a wonderful experience, flawless communication from inquiry, booking till completion of Hajj. Package provide excellent value with breakfast, all meal, drinks included during stays in Makkah and Madinah. Both hotels in Makkah and Madinah were ideally located to waking distance and had adequate facilities. 5 days of Hajj were organise very well, made everything at ease. Their timing on each Hajj stage was perfect to avoid incident. Both Waseem and Nadeem are humble, honest, trustworthy, reliable and definitely delivered exactly as promised. Highly recommend them to anybody in future. A wholehearted thanks to Wasim and Nadeem for all their effort in making all hajjees a perfect hajj. May Almighty ALLAH bless them and their family with best of both world. Mohuddin Kapadia, Hajj 2018
I have had a great trip with Lala Abdul Malik group. They are very professional and extremely helpful. Waqar Abbas, London, Hajj 2011
Salaam, I have no complaints whatsoever, they covered all the Ziyarats and took their time, no rushing at all. Abdul Qayyum, Nottingham, Umrah 2012
Travelling with Lala Abdul Malik and his sons was a great experience, it was my first Hajj and I was nervous to say the least, from meeting us at the airport to returning me and my mum back to Heathrow we could not have asked for a better service. Best thing is that they delivered as promised which is rare these days. I will be going again with these brothers Inshahallah. Zaffron Ahmed, Birmingham, Hajj 2012
What can I say about this group, Even though I live as far as London and they are in Nottingham, they made sure everything was perfect. I was informed about all plans every step of the way. Here in London packages cost a lot more with fewer benefits. I shall be travelling with you again. A BIG THANK YOU! Especially to Mrs Malik for her help and support with the ladies. Sophia Hussain, London, Hajj 2012
My experience performing Hajj with Lala Malik group was exceptional. Food supplied during Hajj which I think is important given the amount of walking you do back and forth during Hajj. The hotel at Makkah, I would rate 4 stars, not on looks but the comfort, cleanliness and the short distant to Haram and local amenities. The hotel at Medina no doubt even better. Very clean and the view I had from my window was direct towards the blessed Prophet Rasul Mohammed PBUH. Every need was met from Waseem and Nadeem. I would highly recommend Lala Abdul Malik Hujja, Much better than these expensive 5 star hotels bases a million miles away from Haram and Medina. Tahir Osman Akhtar, London, Hajj 2013
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent Umrah service provided and making it a memorable journey. Alhamdullilah the whole Umrah trip was enlightening, inspiring & soothing for the heart. Jazakallah khair for arranging our Umra trip. The flights, accommodation, zayarat & transport were perfect Alhamdullilah. I will definitely be recommending your group. We had a wonderful time with the whole group which was like a big family. May ALLAH accept all your efforts and “Ameen" Iram Iqbal, Nottingham, Umrah 2013
My family and friends have been travelling with the Khadam-al- Hujjaj group for many years and have always returned saying that they have had a great experience. I travelled with the group to perform Hajj, together with my wife and four other family members. This was the first time we were all going for Hajj and therefore wanted a group who were able to guide us through this invaluable experience. Both Hotels were within a short walking distance, lunch and dinner were both provided at the hotel during our stay in Makkah and Medinah. We had an amazing experience during the main Hajj days. The group looked after us well in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah and were exceptionally efficient in taking us to pelt the stones during the three days of Jamarat. Our overall experience was amazing and we’re thankful to both brother Nadeem and Waseem for making us complete this fardh with such ease. Inam Akhtar, London, Hajj 2013
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